The Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes were first produced as an incentive for people who just wanted to cut down on their smoking, or to quit smoking altogether. Since the device itself does not product real smoke, but just a water vapor that looks like, smoke the device seemed relatively harmless. Some people did cut down, and some did quit, but the numbers were unimpressive. The product did not really take off in popularity, until it was found that flavors could be added, as well as levels of nicotine added to the electronic cigarettes. For example, you can buy a cigarette with a level of nicotine the same as the brand you are currently smoking, and then begin cutting the nicotine level as you buy your next replacement. The electronic cigarettes will last about a month, and then you buy a new one. So, gradually, you can cut the level of the nicotine down to a minimal level until it is zero, and you are smoking no nicotine at all. Even if you are using a higher level of nicotine, you will not be breathing any tar, which is one of the most damaging ingredients that are derived from actual cigarettes. Studies that have been done on the electronic cigarettes that have no nicotine show that the impurities that are breathed in from the E-cigarettes, as they are called, are very minimal compared to actual cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are usually constructed of a cylindrical outer shell, usually made of a plastic substance with a small container of liquid that becomes atomized, and thus a vapor is formed that is inhaled and exhaled, simulating a smoking sensation. Flavors can be place in the e-cigarettes from cigarette flavor, candy flavors, chocolate, and nut flavors abound. Just about any flavor can be simulated with these devices so a person who would use the device will have great variety with their experience. Initial sales of electronic cigarettes started at about 50,000 in 2008 to over 3.5 million in 2012. About one out of every five smokers have tried electronic cigarettes, which shows that people were willing to at least try the product for one reason of another, some of which were probably attempting to cut down or quit smoking. There is some validity to the statement that smokers who use E-cigarettes by┬áhave a better than even chance of quitting the smoking of regular tobacco cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes still do not exactly duplicate the use of the real thing. For one thing, a smoker has to be careful not to lose or damage the e-cigarette. If it is lost, the smoker has the expense of having to get another, while if it is a real cigarette, losing one does not make that much difference. If a smoker can be disciplined, and gradually cut down on the nicotine content progressively, it is highly possible that he or she can eventually get off of regular cigarettes altogether. But it is like anything else that requires discipline, you have to…
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